Dinner conversation tonight…

Claire:  Guys, listen!  I have some amazing news!

Me:  Oh yeah?  What is it?

Claire:  Daddy, are you listening too?

Chris: Yes, Claire.  What’s the news?

Claire:  Well, there is this new boy in my class.  But I don’t know his name yet.  I’m just learning it.

Chris:  Oh yeah?  Does he seem like a cool dude?

Claire:  Well…I didn’t really get to talk to him a lot.  (Troubled look on her face)

Me:  Did you not have enough time today?

Claire:  No, that’s not the problem.  (Sigh and long pause)  The problem is, he speaks English.  And I don’t know how to do that.


Visiting Heaven

Here’s a little gem from tonight’s bedtime conversation…

Claire:  Mommy, remember that time that me and Mamaw went to Heaven?

Me: Uhh…no.  When did that happen?

Claire:  Yes, Mommy!  Me and Mamaw went to visit Pah in Heaven!

Me:  (Questioning if this is a super-spiritual moment I’m sharing with my little girl)  No, Claire.  I don’t think we’ve ever been to Heaven yet.  We just go there when we die.

Claire:  (Obviously frustrated with my lack of understanding)  Yes I did.  I went with Mamaw to visit Pah.  There were lots of white beds there, and people sitting in chairs, and a really big piano.

Me:  (Lightbulb turning on)  Oh, I understand the place you’re talking about.  That was Pah’s nursing home.  He lived there before he lived in Heaven.

Claire:  (Disgusted)  Mommy, you weren’t there.  Let me call my Mamaw.

Bless God

I am sometimes amazed at how wise Claire is when it comes to the things of God.  Here’s the conversation we had this evening:

Claire:  Why do I have to pick my make-up up off the floor?

Me:  Why do you think it would be important to pick it up, Claire?

Claire:  So that it doesn’t get broken.

Me:  You’re right.  We need to take good care of the things God has blessed us with.

Claire:  Yeah, Mommy!  God blesses us so that we can bless Him.  We bless Him with praise and worship and reading the Bible and praying to Him.

Me:  (Thinking…Holy cow!  This child is so wise!)  You’re right, Claire!

Claire:  Yep.  I know everything, Mommy.

So…in the wisdom department we’re doing well.  Still working on the humble department!

Turkey Hunting and Adopting

There are two things lately that Claire is guaranteed to talk about every day.  Turkey hunting and “our little one”.  Tonight at dinner she was jabbering away about going turkey hunting with Daddy and all of the sudden she got very serious.  Here’s what she said:

“Oh, Mommy!  If we get the baby while I’m gone turkey hunting, you can just keep the baby in the crib until I get home.  Okay?”

I assured her that if the baby arrived suddenly while she was gone, I would care for him in her absence.  She was very relieved.