About Me

This is who I am…

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Most importantly, I am a lover of Jesus.  My biggest goal is to love him and show his love to others.  I am learning what that looks like more and more each day.

Being Chris’ wife and a mommy to our two girls are the biggest joys in my life.  Chris got my attention 10 years ago and has held it every day since.  Not a day goes by that he doesn’t make me laugh and make me feel like I am the most important part of his life.


Claire has brought us more joy than I ever could have imagined.  She truly is bright and beautiful – which is what her name means.  Claire is silly and tender-hearted, loving and energetic.  She teaches me about life and faith and the beauty of trust every day.


After a year long journey, our dream of adopting a baby came true. We were blessed with our beautiful daughter, Lucy, last fall. She was born on October 22nd and we met her for the first time on November 2nd. That was a day that has changed our lives forever.


As much as we dreamed and prayed for our baby before she arrived, nothing could have prepared us for how precious she would be. Lucy is an absolute delight and she is the treasure of our hearts.


I am a first grade teacher at a great elementary school here in Amarillo.  I love teaching kids how to read…watching their faces light up with excitement when they learn something new…seeing the amazing growth these little people make in one short school year.

I am blessed with a full life.  Not perfect, and not always put together.  But full.  My eyes are continually being opened to the Lord’s goodness and the joys that he lays out before me every day.


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