Bless God

I am sometimes amazed at how wise Claire is when it comes to the things of God.  Here’s the conversation we had this evening:

Claire:  Why do I have to pick my make-up up off the floor?

Me:  Why do you think it would be important to pick it up, Claire?

Claire:  So that it doesn’t get broken.

Me:  You’re right.  We need to take good care of the things God has blessed us with.

Claire:  Yeah, Mommy!  God blesses us so that we can bless Him.  We bless Him with praise and worship and reading the Bible and praying to Him.

Me:  (Thinking…Holy cow!  This child is so wise!)  You’re right, Claire!

Claire:  Yep.  I know everything, Mommy.

So…in the wisdom department we’re doing well.  Still working on the humble department!


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