A Place For Bows

So…you may have noticed a trend in my how-to posts.  They’re generally very simple.  Pretty straight-forward.  Rather easy to accomplish.  And inevitably, something goes wrong.  Well, I want to inform you that this post will be…exactly like the others.

This project is a bow-holder.  Claire loves bows.  She’s been indoctrinated since birth, and I’m glad it’s finally paying off.  She has so many that it’s hard to keep track of them and keep them organized.  Other bow holders I’ve seen are simply too small for all of them.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a bow holder to accommodate as many as possible.  I made a cute bow holder for her awhile back, and this time I got brave and was making one for a friend’s baby.

So, here we go.

What You Need:

  • Empty wooden frame (I got mine from Hobby Lobby – only about $8 @50% off)
  • Staple Gun
  • 1″ ribbon
  • Paint
  • Chipboard letters (If desired)


Your first step will be painting the frame.  I’m super crafty and have all kinds of craft paint laying around, but I decided on this occasion to just use leftover Behr paint from our ceilings.  So, here I am, painting away.


I enlisted Claire to take pictures for me, but shockingly, they weren’t turning out too well.  I decided to just use the timer option on the camera.  Of course, this was thrilling for Claire, so we had to stop for a quick let’s-use-the-timer-and-take-pictures-of-both-of-us,-Mommy photo shoot.

DSC_0017 DSC_0018 DSC_0019I’m sure you’re impressed with the high quality of the pictures.  My next how-to will be on using the self-timer option.  I know you’ll love it.  Thankfully, Chris came along and agreed to be my photographer for the rest of the project.

Moving on…

Once the paint is dry, you need to figure out your spacing for the ribbon.  I was doing 5 rows of ribbon, making them 3 inches apart.  I used a measuring tape and marked each side of where the ribbon would go with a pencil.  Then, cut your strips of ribbon – longer than you’ll actually need them.DSC_0013

Then you can start your stapling.  I found a cute little helper for this part of the job.  Pull the ribbon super tight and staple it to the inside part of the frame, then the outer rim of the frame.  Do this to both ends of each piece of ribbon.DSC_0021 DSC_0023

And here’s where this project took a turn for the worse.  I stapled too close to the edge and the staple poked through to the other side.  Of course, this was the night before we were leaving for Cozumel and the baby girl I was making this for was due while we were gone so I HAD to finish.  That’s just the way projects go for me.  DSC_0025

So, Chris ran to Hobby Lobby first thing the next morning and helped me finish just in time to head out of town.  He has the stapling thing down!  And doesn’t he have nice looking forearms?IMG_2115

Here’s the (almost) finished project.  I love it!!


I wanted to put a cute little A on the corner of the frame and bought simple chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby.  Again, even with the excess of craft paint laying around, I went with another option.  Ceiling paint mixed with Claire’s finger paint (don’t tell her – I used it all).  It came out to the perfect shade of pink.  I painted the A, glued it on with a glue gun, and stepped back to admire my work.



Here’s the final finished project.  Simple, sweet, and perfect for lots of bows!



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