Traveling Tips

Our family travels a lot.  Both sets
photo 1 of grandparents living out of state + two teacher schedules + a sense of adventure = the perfect recipe for lots of trips!  Here’s what our summer has looked like since school let out June 7th:

June 10th – 24th: Florida
June 25th: Amarillo
June 26th – July 3rd: Estes Park/Albuquerque
July 4th – 11th: Home, Sweet Home
July 12th – 20th: Cozumel

Now that we are home, I thought I would share some of our traveling tips with you.  These are very simple, but they have really helped make our trips smoother and easier.  (Super nervous about adding another kid into the mix soon, by the way.)  So, here we go…our family’s tips for travel.

1.  Each person gets their own suitcase.  This has helped tremendously in keeping our things nice and neat when we’re away from home.  I hate having to rummage through a suitcase full of all of our clothes and shoes, trying to find the particular shirt I want to wear.  This way, we know where all our stuff is and our suitcases stay tidy for the whole trip.

2.  Pack kids’ clothes in ziplock bags.  This was our first time to do this, and I am a huge believer now!  I laid out Claire’s clothes in outfits – shorts, top, panties, and bow all together.  Then she helped me bag them and put them in her suitcase.  They lay flat and are great to pack.  Then each day she could just pick out a bag with the clothes she wanted to wear.  So easy – I will pack like this forever!



3.  Pack lots of entertainment.  We pack books, activity/coloring books, markers and crayons, simple games, lacing cards, and baby dolls.  We also have a magnet set that is a life saver for trips.  Seriously, it entertains Claire for hours.  I couldn’t find the exact set online, but here’s one that’s similar (I actually like it better).  Of course, when all else fails, we pull out the almighty DVD player.  Bless God for that little device.


photo 5

photo 4_74.  Pack snacks.  Who doesn’t like to eat on a road trip?  I’ve found that there is much less whining (from Claire as well as Chris) with snacks readily available.  Whether we are traveling by plane or car, we pack a bunch of easy to eat, non-messy snacks in a large bin.  Some of our usuals are pistachios, apples and oranges, raisins, popcorn, peanuts, and some sweets.  On plane trips we also pack treats to help with take off and landing like lollipops and gum balls. On road trips we also bring a cooler with drinks.

photo 3

5.  Make a road trip time line.  We love this idea and have used it for our road trips this summer as well as our 3 week road trip across 5 states last year.  Just print out a little car or truck from online (here’s a cute one), let your little one color it in, cut it out, punch 2 holes in it, and string it with ribbon across the backseat.  Then, as you move along the road, you can change the position of the car on the ribbon.  Claire loves to watch our progress as we drive, and it really helps cut down on the “Are we there yet?” questions.

photo 2So, what about you?  What are your family’s travel tips?


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