Missing Out

I loved being pregnant.  I loved knowing that there was another tiny being growing inside of me.  I loved counting the weeks.  I loved watching my belly grow and wearing maternity clothes.  I loved Chris laying his hand on my belly and feeling the baby move.  I loved reading the books about what should be happening and what I should be doing.  I loved the doctor visits and hearing the incredible sound of my baby’s heart.  I loved the excitement of people asking how far along I was and if we had found out the gender and what our name choices were.


I even loved labor and delivery.  (Yes, I know.  I was one of THOSE crazy people.)  I loved bringing our baby into the world.  I loved Chris yelling, “It’s a girl!  It’s a girl!” with tears in his eyes.  I loved holding our sweet baby within minutes of her birth and giving her a name.  I loved drawing her close and nursing her.  I loved all our family and friends visiting us in the hospital.




When people tell me they’re sorry that I can’t get pregnant again, or say that they feel badly for me because of what I’ll miss out on, that’s what I think about. I’ll miss the process.  I’ll miss the growing belly and the ultrasounds and the kicking feet.

But I know this…
I won’t miss out on motherhood.  I won’t miss out on holding our precious baby close and breathing him in.  I won’t miss out on loving another child so fiercely that sometimes I think my heart might explode. No, I won’t miss out on family.  I won’t miss out on love.

43Photo courtesy of Delrae Ward.


6 thoughts on “Missing Out

  1. I love your words. I love your pix. I love the memories and I will love your newest miracle when it arrives. I also love you most of all.

  2. God is definitely gonna bless y’all! I’ll never know what it’s like to grow a baby in my belly, but I am so thankful to have to sweet baby that we do in our house right now! I know it was God’s will, and that is what makes it sooooo wonderful. Love reading your blog. Can’t wait for the newest addition to your family!

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