Things I Never Thought I’d Say

Things I never thought I’d say before I was a parent…

“Don’t lick the wall.  Time out means standing quietly without putting your tongue on anything.”

“Wow, Babe!  We really got to sleep in today!  It’s already 7:20.”

“Don’t wipe your nose with your dirty panties.  That’s gross.”

“No, I don’t have a baby growing in my tummy.  You think it looks like I do?  Oh, I see.”

“Gosh!  You two really hogged the bed last night.”

“Claire!  Stop playing with that pile of dog poop!”

“Mmm!  Those toes look so yummy I could gobble them up!”

“It’s okay.  Just wipe that booger right here on my jeans.”

“I can’t wait for Thursday morning!  Laugh and Learn at the library is my favorite part of the week.”

“Wow, great job!  That is a big poop!”

“Don’t lick the dog.”

“Don’t ride the dog.”

“Don’t spit on the dog.”

“Don’t grab the dog there.  That’s his special private spot.”

“Please don’t stick your finger in my eye.”

“It’s really hard for me to sleep when you’re laying on my head.”

With this crazy kid around, there’s never a dull moment!



6 thoughts on “Things I Never Thought I’d Say

  1. And I love her SO much! I bleached and washed all the ‘new’ old toys after you guys left yesterday so we’re ready for another play date anytime!

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