Entitled people make me so angry.  I hate hearing stories of people milking the system, taking more than their fair share, always acting as if they have something coming to them.  This entitlement mentality is maddening and destructive.  So when did I allow myself to become one of these people?

No, I don’t feel like the government or my parents or the “wealthy” owe me anything.  But somehow I’ve allowed this mindset to creep into my relationship with the Lord.

How could I ever think He owes me something?  I deserve to be happy.  I have the right to a big family.  I am entitled to my dreams coming true.  Why?  Because I love God? Because I’m a good person?  Shannon – let’s just think about this for a minute and put things into perspective.

Job lost everything and called God good.

Jim Elliot was murdered by the people he dedicated his life to serve.

More than 500,000 people were brutalized and killed in Rwanda in a period of just 100 days a few years back.

Children living within 10 miles of me have parents in prison, parents strung out on drugs, parents who have abandoned them.

More than 10 million children are stuck in orphanages around the world.

So why do I feel like I have somehow earned a free pass to the good life?  Am I that special?  The real question is: Am I that arrogant?

Life is a gift.  A free gift from the giver of all good things.  Family and happiness and love and the beauty all around us are gifts.  Not rights.  I’m entitled to none of it.  I’ve earned nothing.  Yet, He gives.











Lord, open my eyes to the gifts you give daily.  Make me continually mindful of your grace.  Help me to unwrap each gift with gratefulness, not entitlement.  Keep my heart humble and pure – always thankful, never greedy.  And when the gifts stop – when the valley is dark, and the womb is barren, and the ground is cracked and dry, help me to be mindful of your grace even then.  Because when all else fails, I still have you.  And you are the greatest gift.


2 thoughts on “Entitled

  1. I also take too much for granted, always want/expect more and forget to be grateful for all He has already given. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. What an absolutly beautiful post! The writing and the pictures! But mosting the heartfelt writing…made me cry. Beautifully said, thank you.

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