Christmas morning there was a package under the tree with “Baby” written on the tag.  The baby none of us knows.  The baby we’re not sure even exists yet.  Inside was a hand-made teddy bear – sewn with love by Mamaw.


Our adoption process has been full of these sweet moments.

Like when my friend Jessica bought this cute little onesie for the baby.


Or when I get texts, phone calls, or facebook messages from friends miles away just checking in to see how things are going.

Or when my mother-in-law took Claire shopping for gifts for our family and let Claire buy this little guy for the baby.


Or when my friend Arra shows me ideas on pinterest she’s considering for my shower.

The thoughtfulness of our friends and family mean the world to us as we travel this road. Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me how things are going or if we’ve gotten any news yet. The ladies I work with have been unbelievable – constantly supportive and genuinely interested in the path we’re on to get this baby.  Even Chris’ sweet little students ask him daily if he has any news to share.

Without the excitement of a growing belly or monthly doctor visits, these little acts of kindness truly make this season of waiting a joy. So thank you.  Truly, words cannot express how grateful we are for the amazing people God is allowing us to share this journey with.  We are so thankful.


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