Pecker Peck Peckerman

Voting is almost a daily occurrence in first grade.  We vote about what to do for inside recess; we vote about which new book is our class favorite; we vote about what prize to choose when we fill up our gumball jar.  We’ve had lots of great voting moments, but hands down, my favorite vote occurred just a couple weeks ago.

Let’s back up just a bit…

For the first time, our elementary school was given the opportunity to hatch baby chicks.  I was so excited and I signed up right away.  I e-mailed the company, my principal paid $20, and 2 weeks later our eggs and incubator arrived.

The kids were ecstatic…and so was I!  The eggs somehow seemed so different from the eggs we all had at home in our refrigerators.  We saw their promise – the hope that lay in each one.  Just as all good parents do, we held their futures in our hearts.

Each morning as the kids came into the classroom, they rushed straight to the incubator.  There were lots of false labor alerts – the kids were ready for hatch day about 3 days after the eggs were laid. It was a long journey, but finally, on Valentine’s Day, our lone little chick made his debut in our world.

He worked so hard to make his way out of the shell.  It took him all morning and after he was done, he just lay in the incubator, exhausted.  I don’t think I have ever FELT so much excitement in my classroom.  It was palpable.  The kids were thrilled beyond belief – so in love, so proud, so full of joy and life and wonder.  It was such a beautiful day.

Our little chick spent the afternoon in the incubator drying off, and after school Claire and I came up to take him out.  She was the first one to hold the little guy.  It was a magical moment that I will never forget.


The next day my kids had a big decision on their hands.  They had to come up with a name to suit our favorite little bird.  Here’s where the voting came in.  There were lots of great name options put on the list – Lou, Chick-fil-A, and Pete were a few of my favorites.  But there was one name that stood out above all the others.  Really, it blew them all away.

Pecker Peck Peckerman.

Yes, Pecker.  And that is the name that won the vote, hands-down.  Democracy ruled in my classroom, and we named our chick Pecker.  The night before when Claire and I went up to hold him the first time, she named him Glory Glory Hallelujah – I feel that this slightly redeems him from his less holy name bestowed upon him by my students.

My little scientists kept personal logs to record his growth and development.  They did such a good job and we all learned so much.


Every single day after school Claire made sure to come up and check on little Pecker (sadly, she quickly conformed to calling him by his class-given name).  Even on the day she stayed home sick with a high fever, she insisted on coming up to my classroom to visit the little guy.  Here she is trying to give him a hug.  He didn’t love these displays of affection.


The sad thing about chicks is that they grow up so fast.  Even faster than children.  Within 2 weeks, Pecker was not a cute little chick anymore.  He had grown-up feathers, tried to peck at me on a regular basis, and pooped on the carpet EVERY SINGLE TIME we got him out of his cage.  I was definitely ready to say goodbye, and happily, a sweet little boy from my class got to take him home.  Claire, on the other hand, was not ready for her little friend to grow up and leave her.  Here she is saying goodbye to him.  It really was terribly sad – she was heartbroken.


My students handled it a little better, and were glad Pecker was going to such a good home.  Hatching our tiny chick was an amazing experience and I am grateful for the learning, wonder, and delight that I got to share with my precious kids.


6 thoughts on “Pecker Peck Peckerman

  1. Oh Girlie! You write so beautifully! Looking at Claire say good bye to Pecker made me cry…poor little pecker…off on a journey of his own.

  2. Shannon you are an amazing writer. You can make me laugh and you can make me cry but you always make me get into your story!

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