My Best Friend’s Baby

My Best Friend’s Baby…the less popular sequel to My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Our friends Luke and Arra found out they were pregnant back in November and shared the news with their families on Christmas morning.  Now, to make things even more exciting they decided to have a big gender reveal celebration in conjunction with their son Nix’s second birthday.

When Arra was pregnant with Nix, they found out they were having a boy and had a gender reveal party to share the news with family and friends.  They cut into the blue cake, everyone cheered, and Arra cried.  Such a sweet moment.  Here they are at Nix’s gender reveal party a few years ago.


This time THEY were being surprised at the party!  They went to the doctor for their sonogram and had the results written down and put in a sealed envelope.  The envelope was then passed on to me (which made me incredibly giddy and also freakishly scared of screwing things up!).  So, my job was to create a gender reveal gift for Nix to open at the end of his birthday party.  So fun, right?

Here’s the process for making the box…

Find a big box.

Buy scrapbook paper and use a die cut for the letters you want…I chose girlie paper for  g-i-r-l, boyish paper for b-o-y, and neutral baby paper for o-r and ?.  Then I cut out a big black heart and glued the letters on.


Next, buy a bundle of (pink or blue) balloons to place inside the box.  I taped the weight of the balloons to the bottom of the box to make sure they stayed in place.

Then, wrap up the box with wrapping paper,


glue the heart on,


add a big bow, and voila, your gender reveal box is ready!


Now for the big moment…







Congratulations to our amazing friends, the Brewers!!DSC_0698


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