Snow Day

Growing up in Albuquerque really ruined me for snow days.  We’d call school for any amount.  The roads didn’t even need to be white – slightly grey was sufficient.  Not so in Amarillo.  These Texans are tough.  They never call school for snow.  I can count on one hand the number of days they’ve called school in my 8 years of teaching. That being said, I’m not a big fan of snow days.  I would much rather take my days off when the weather is warm and I can plan ahead.

Last week we had a lovely snowy day.  It snowed most of the night (of course we still went to school), and then continued snowing until almost 3 in the afternoon.  It was magical.  At 3:00 the sun came out and made the whole world bright, shiny, and beautiful.

Claire was overjoyed.  It was the first snow we’d been in town for this winter and she could barely contain her excitement.  “Look Mommy – no!  No!  No!  (We haven’t quite mastered the ‘s’ sound yet.)


As soon as we all got home from school we threw on our snow clothes and headed out into the yard. Claire had told me earlier in the day that she already knew how to build snowmen because she learned in a book.  What a relief that was.  Chris decided we should make a whole family of snowmen, so we set to work.


Through this process we learned the value of raking our yard.  Perfectionist that I am, I spent a large amount of time de-leafing our snow family, but to no avail.

I thought they turned out pretty well considering the fact that these are the first snowmen Chris and I have actually been in charge of creating and Claire’s only experience with snowmen was in a book.  (Poor child.)Image

After the snowmen were completed we headed out to do some tubing.  Off the side of an overpass seemed to be the perfect location – scenery and safety were obviously our top concerns.  


We had a blast!  Claire was a champ climbing the hill and of course she loved riding by herself.  On her tummy.  Head first.


It really was a perfect afternoon.  And the best news is that we still have a day off in April!



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